Entering the show

The Knowsley Flower Show boasts over 100 classes in a range of categories. We’ve got classes for general cut flowers, vegetables, pot plants, crafts and more! There are also classes especially for novices and young people so everyone can feel comfortable with their ability.


Select a class using the links below  You can also download the full list of Flower Show 2019 classes

Class No. Details
1 Two vases, two distinct kinds of flowers (three stems, spikes, spray etc) two pot plants (one foliage, one in flower – max pot size 7″) and two distinct kinds of vegetables, one dish of each. (Amount of vegetables as per this schedule) Max width of exhibit – 33 inches. All six parts of the exhibit to be judged individually with marks out of 20 for each part. Highest total to be the winner.

Sponsored by Les Jackson 

Class No. Details
2 Basket of cut flowers, any variety or varieties. Any foliage may be used. Baskets will be supplied, flowers must be grown by exhibitor, basket to be prepared on site.

Sponsored by Mr A Gabrielsen

Class No. Details
2a. An exhibit to depict the moon landing of 1969 (2ft 6″ square). All exhibits will be judged from the front. Exhibits are to include plant material, with or without accessories. Plant material may be bought. No artificial plant material to be used. Artificially coloured plant material, bases, drapes and background may be used. (Only one entry per exhibitor; must be staged in marquee).

Sponsored by Flowerhaus
Judge: Joy Geraghty

Class No. Class Title
3 One vase mixed flowers
4 One vase of annuals, one kind
5 One vase of annuals, mixed
6 One vase of flowers, orange or yellow, representing the 21st anniversary of the Knowsley Flower Show in memory of Joan Quilliam
7 Two vases of annuals, two distinct kinds
8 One vase of mixed herbaceous perennials
9 One vase of herbaceous perennials one kind, excluding phlox
10 One vase of herbaceous phlox
11 One vase of same variety or mixed annuals or perennials. Maximum 15 stems, max vase size 4″ x 12″
12 Two vases of sweet peas, nine stems per vase, two distinct varieties
13 One vase sweet peas, nine stems, one variety
14 One vase sweet peas, nine stems, mixed
15 One vase sweet peas, 12 stems, one variety
16 One bowl of sweet peas, maximum 30 stems, mixed, max 8″ bowl
17 One vase of three gladioli, large flowered, one variety
18 One vase of gladioli, large flowered, three spikes, distinct varieties
19 One vase of three miniature gladioli
20 One vase, one spike gladioli
21 One vase of six stems, garden pinks
22 Pansies or violas, five blooms in tubes, staged in a 5″ pot of sand
23 One vase of spray chrysanthemums, five stems

No restriction in vase sizes in all classes except class 11 where there is a maximum vase size 4″ x 12″ restriction
In memory of Ted Frith
Judge: Mr L Jackson
Special cash prize for best in section: £30

Class No. Details
24 One vase, three blooms, small and/or miniature decorative
25 One vase, three blooms, small cactus and/or semi cactus
26 One giant decorative or giant semi cactus
27 One vase, three blooms, small ball
28 One vase, three blooms, miniature ball
29 One vase, five blooms, pompom
30 One vase, three blooms, water lily
31 Two vases, two single blooms, any variety or varieties
32 Any other classification, three blooms. Refer to www.dahlia-nds.co.uk for classification details

Judge: Mrs C Bright

Special cash prize for best in section: £30

Class No. Details
33 One rose, large flowered
34 One vase of three large flowered roses
35 One vase of five large flowered roses
36 One vase of cluster flowered roses, three stems
37 One vase, one stem, cluster flowered rose
38 One vase, miniature roses, three stems
39 One bowl of garden roses, max 8″ plastic bowl
40 One vase of cluster flowered roses three stems and one vase of large flowered roses three stems
41 Three stage blooms. Vase three stems, one variety, one bud stage (showing colour), one perfect stage, one full bloom stage

Sponsored by Friends of Court Hey Park
In memory of Viv Kelly
Judge: Mr R Scott
Special cash prize for best in section: £30

Class No. Details
42 One vase of five large flowered roses (red only)

Sponsored by Don Sutcliffe

Class No. Details
43 Two specimen pot plants, one flowering, one foliage
44 One pot plant, flowering
45 One pot plant, foliage
46 One pot, double, tuberous begonia
47 One pot, cactus
48 One pot, succulent
49 One fuschia, any variety – max 3.5″ pot
50 One fuschia, single, any cultivar – max 6″ pot
51 One fuschia, double, any cultivar – max 6″ pot
52 One fuschia, variegated/ornamental – max 6″ pot
53 One triphylla – max 6″ pot
54 Any flowering standard, maximum 10″ pot
55 Two fuschias, any cultivars – max 6″ pot. Standards may only be entered in class 54

Sponsored by Britannia Taxis
Judge: Mr R Sumner
Special cash prize for best in section: £30

Class No. Details
56 One plant, single flowered basic green leaves, max 6″ pot
57 One plant, basic zonal having bronze or golden foliage, max 6″ pot
58 One plant, basic angel – max 4.5″ pot
59 One plant, double or semi-double basic green leaves zonal – max 6″ pot
60 One plant, dwarf zonal – max 4.5″
61 Ivy leaf – max 6″ pot
61a One plant, miniature zonal – max 3.5″ pot
61b One plant, stellar – max 6″ pot

Exhibitors are reminded that plants should be in proportion to their pots in size of plant, leaf and flower. Please refer to www.thepags.org.uk
Judge: Mr R Sumner

Class No. Details
62 Three large onions, dressed
63 Six onions, each to be 250g or under, dressed
64 Heaviest onion, trimmed to 6″ shank
65 Dish of nine shallots
66 Dish of nine pickling shallots/30mm
67 Two pot leeks to a 6″ button, complete with roots and leaves (one entry per exhibitor) – Sponsored by Merseyside Pot Leek Society
68 Two blanched leeks, complete with roots and leaves
69 Dish of four potatoes, white
70 Dish of four potatoes, other than white
71 Dish of four potatoes, two white, two other than white
72 Dish of ten tomatoes, cherry or other cultivar
73 Dish of five tomatoes
74 Heaviest truss of tomatoes, ripe or unripe
75 Dish of nine pods peas
76 Dish of nine pods broad beans
77 Dish of nine runner beans
78 Longest runner bean
79 Dish of nine pods french beans
80 Three globe beetroot
81 Three long beetroot
82 One cabbage, 3″ stalk
83 One head cauliflower, 3″ stalk
84 Three sticks of rhubarb, trimmed and tied
85 Three of one kind of any other vegetable not mentioned
86 Two vegetable marrows, for quality
87 Heaviest marrow
88 Three carrots, long
89 Three carrots, short
90 Soft fruit – one plate, one variety, with stems
91 Bizarre shaped vegetable
92 Cucumber, one for quality
93 One trug of mixed vegetables (trugs supplied for a refundable deposit) – Sponsored by Roby Horticultural Society
94 Herbs, three vases, three distinct kinds

Sponsored by Knowsley Town Council
Judge: Mr J Woods
Special cash prize for best in section: £30

Class No. Details
95 Three vegetables, any one variety
96 Three tomatoes, any variety
97 Three potatoes, any variety
98 One vase of flowers, any variety or varieties
99 One flowering pot plant, any variety
100 One vase, three blooms, dahlias, any variety
101 One spike, gladioli in vase
102 One large flowered rose
103 One vase, three blooms, roses, any variety or varieties

Vases supplies for novice classes only, see rule 8.
Sponsored by Mr K Silcock
Special cash prize for best in section: £10

Class No. Details
104 Jar of home made jam
105 Jar of home made chutney
106 One home made cake decorated to represent the 50th anniversary of the moon landing
107 Any item, hand knitted or crocheted
108 Constructed vegetable – can be knitted, crocheted or sewn, or made of lego, plasticine, origami, clay, WHATEVER…the only limit is your imagination!

Judge: Lucinda Antal, Grab Your Spoon

3-7 YEAR OLDS (Sponsored by Miss L Mally & Miss L Formby) Judge: Mrs B Bradshaw
Class No. Details
109 A picture, using paint only, to celebrate the first man landing on the moon. Max size A3
110 A computer generated picture to celebrate the first man landing on the moon. Max size A4
111 A miniature garden with a lunar theme, in a standard size seed tray. Max size 9″ x 15″
112 A creative 3D construction of a rocket, using any materials, natural or manmade
Class No. Details
113 A picture, using any media other than digital, to celebrate the first man landing on the moon. Max size A3
114 A computer generated picture to celebrate the first man landing on the moon. Max size A4
115 A miniature garden, with a lunar theme in a standard size seed tray. Max size 9″ x 15″
116 A creative 3D construction to celebrate the first man landing on the moon with a base no bigger than A3
117 A miniature flower arrangement. Foliage may be used. Must be in an unbreakable container. Size no more than 6″, 15cm in height
12-16 YEAR OLDS (Prize sponsored by Knowsley Youth Mutual Pass for Family Outdoor Education Centre)
Class No. Details
118 A creative artwork, in any media including digital, to celebrate the first man landing on the moon. Max size A3
119 Three stems of orange/yellow flowers you have grown (vases with be supplied)
120 One vegetable you have grown


The show will be conducted in accordance with the rules and standards contained in the Royal Horticultural Society’s Show Handbook and the National Society’s Rules and Regulations, except where any of the following rules provide otherwise.

Entry in the show is restricted to amateurs only.

All exhibits must have been grown and staged by the exhibitor and have been in their possession for at least eight weeks prior to the show.

A novice is defined as an exhibitor who has won less than three first prizes in any show, in any section. Novices may ask advice from the stewards.

Exhibitors cards are to be placed on, or in front of exhibits before judging. Exhibits without a card will not be considered for competition.

An exhibitor may not enter more than two exhibits in any one class (classes 2a and 67, one entry only).

Exhibits should be named, where possible, but any error or omission will not disqualify the entry.

Exhibits are to be staged in appropriate exhibition vases only and are to be provided by the exhibitor.
Vases for novice classes and children’s only will be provided. Please note, the use of bottles, glass vases or jars is prohibited.

Any exhibitor wishing to make an objection must do so in writing to the Show Secretary before 2pm on show day.

The show closes at 5pm and stewards will only allow the clearance of exhibits after this time.

Entries must be received by the show secretary no later than 8pm on Friday 2 August 2019.

The committee reserves the right to refuse any entry and settle any matter not provided for in the rules.

On Saturday 3 August, staging is 12pm to 8pm and on Sunday 4 August, staging is 7am to 8.30am

Prize money must be collected between 2pm and 4pm on the show day. If not, this money will be put back into the prize fund.

All trophies awarded must be returned by 5 June 2020 for engraving purposes.

The RHS Banksian Medal will be awarded to the competitor who obtains the highest total amount of points in the whole of the horticultural classes. Sorry, winners of the medal in the previous years will be ineligible.

Young Person’s Classes three to 16-year-old categories are free to enter.

How to enter

General things to know:

  • A separate form is required for each exhibitor
  • Each exhibit is 25p
  • No more than two entries in any class will be accepted

You can send a cheque of no less than £5 payable to Knowsley Flower Show Committee or you can pay a fee less than £5 with cash on the day of the flower show. Please do not send cash through the post.

You can fill out this form and send it to:

Mrs C Yates
58 Larch Road
L36 9TZ

You may also enter by emailing chrisyates49@gmail.com with your details or by calling 0151 480 8666

Download the entry form

Entries must be received by 8pm on Friday 2 August 2019