Step 1

Purchase a packet of seeds and be sure to keep the empty packet of seeds for reference on watering and on what conditions the seeds will be grown in (eg. no direct sunlight, not too cold conditions etc.)

Step 2

Buy a plant pot, window box or seed tray as well as some compost to plant in

Step 3

Sow a few packets of annuals, tall enough to cut and arrange in a vase. Cosmos, asters and sweet peas are recommended or you can use perennials you may already have growing in your garden. Tomatoes and potatoes are easy to grow, even in a tub on a patio, and we have novice classes for both!

Step 4

When the seedling is large enough, transplant it into a larger pot or as long as there is no danger of frost, you can plant it in the ground outdoors. Again, keep watering and support if necessary.

Your plant should be ready to be seen by the judges and the visitors of Knowsley Flower Show!

Good luck!

Handy tip

When you bring your entries to the show, include extra flowers or vegetables in case of accidents. Doing so will also mean you have more to choose from when staging your exhibit.

For further information and some advanced tips and tricks, you might find the Royal Horticultural Society website helpful.