Knowsley Sunflower Challenge 2021

This year, we’ve been asking you to grow along with us as we attempt to fill Knowsley full of cheerful sunflowers!

For the second year, the Knowsley Flower Show has been unable to go ahead in person due to the COVID pandemic, but many of us have turned to gardening to see us through the lockdowns and beyond.

Whether you were already a keen gardener, or dug your hands in the soil for the first time, for many of us our gardens have been a real retreat during this strange and challenging time.

Lots of you took up the challenge to grow some sunflowers – and we still want to see more pictures of your flowers as they come into bloom. Please post them on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #KnowsleyFlowerShow; post them direct to the Knowsley Flower Show Facebook page, or email them to:

Here’s some of our favourite #KnowsleySunflowerChallenge entries so far!

Cronton C of E Primary School

The children at Cronton C of E Primary have been really busy growing their sunflowers from seed. Now they are eagerly awaiting their first flowers – but already some of their plants are taller than they are!

Nicki Kelly and Faye

Nicki Kelly and her daughter Faye have loved growing their sunflowers, which they’ve named Scott and Jolene!

Scott was the first to bloom, having reached 4ft 8inches tall – Jolene carried on until she reached the dizzying heights of 6ft 9inches before she finally came into flower. Nicki says Faye has really enjoyed watching the sunflowers grow from little seedlings into the towering plants they are now.

Sue Bellinger and Brayden

Sue and her son Brayden have been busy tending for their sunflowers, which are now starting to bloom. They look like they’ll turn into very fine flowers indeed – and as each plant has at least six buds on it, they should make a really fantastic display.

Sue says: “It’s been great watching them grow from nothing. Brayden has really enjoyed growing them and the end result makes us all smile”.

That’s what’s so great about sunflowers, isn’t it!

Mike Coleman

From little seedlings right through to tall and lush plants – Mike Coleman’s sunflowers have been grown in pots on his patio and look very nearly ready to bloom!

Terry Holland

There will be a lot of lovely flowers on these sunflowers when they come into bloom very soon! They’ve been grown by Terry Holland in his garden in Southdene, Kirkby.

Terry’s top tip for anyone wanting to keep the slugs off their sunflower seedlings: crushed eggshells around the base will keep them away!

Julie Maguire

Julie’s sunflower is a variety called ‘Autumn Beauty’ – and it’s a whopper! Even though the seed packet said the plant would grow to be 1.8m tall, this lovely specimen currently stands at an incredible 2.66m tall in Julie’s garden in Roby. Wow!

Katy McLoughlin

You can’t help but smile when you see these lovely sunflowers towering over the garden fence in Katy McLoughlin’s garden!

It’s clear that the bees love them, and we bet the neighbours do, too!

Vicky Griffiths and Guido the dog!

Vicky has had an extra special helper growing her sunflowers this year – her dog Guido! He has patiently guarded the plants from seedling to fully grown – and Vicky says now the flowers are very near to blooming he seems very proud of his work. Plus, he’s resisted the urge to dig them up for all this time… well done Guido!

Barbara Silcock

These impressive specimens were grown from giant sunflower seeds on Barbara’s allotment. She started off feeding with a high nitrogen feed then switched to a high potash feed to achieve their very impressive height!

Carla Simkin

These lovely bushy sunflowers have been grown in the garden of Flower Show organiser, Carla Simkin. They’re absolutely laiden with flower heads and should bring a cheerful sunny display for some time to come!

Now it’s time to show us how YOUR sunflowers have grown!

Share your photos with us and they could appear here!

There are several ways to share them with us.

Don’t forget to tell us a little bit about where you’re growing the sunflowers, who has been caring for them and how tall they are!