Bloomin’ marvellous photos on Knowsley Flower Show website coming soon

Unfortunately Knowsley Flower Show won’t take place this year but fortunately, you can find a collection of beautiful images of the outdoors in the comfort of your own home with our online exhibition – which will go live over the weekend of the show, 8 and 9 August.

We want to see YOUR photos of seedlings, flowers, plants, trees, vegetables, or anything you find growing that catches your eye to be showcased in the exhibition. You can send in photos of what you’ve grown yourself or of something that you’ve found when you’re out and about

If it’s something you’ve grown yourself, you might want to send in photos of your creation at different stages of it growing and let us know when the photos were taken. You could be growing vegetable seedlings such as tomato plants on your windowsill, in your greenhouse or even in your allotment. It’s also a good time for children to appreciate nature and be out and about so please encourage your children to get involved in gardening and growing, and send their images in too!

You could also tell us how the plant, flower, photo of nature or being in the garden makes you feel so it can be included alongside your photo. It’s no secret, gardening as well as being outdoors can have a positive effect on mental wellbeing so why not explore your community and share it with the rest of us? Of course, providing you are practising social distancing rules and sticking to government guidelines around travel.

You don’t have to be an expert in photography to get involved and the photos don’t have to be taken in Knowsley. The online exhibition is for anyone with an interest in nature or gardening to showcase what they’ve grown or found, and to share the beauty of it with others.

How to see your photos in the Knowsley Flower Show 2020 online exhibition:

There are four ways to send in your photos for the exhibition:


You can private message Knowsley Flower Show’s Facebook page with your photos, or reply to a post on the page


Post your photos on Twitter using the hashtag #knowsleyflowersonshow


Please email with your photos


You can also send your photos via WhatsApp to 07810 054131

Take a look at photos from previous shows for inspiration!

It would be helpful if you could include your name, what is in the image, where the image was taken, and how the image, or nature in general, makes you feel but this isn’t necessary.

Please send in your photos by 23 July 2020 and send a maximum of three photos

Come back to this website in August 2020, around the time Knowsley Flower Show event was planned to take place, to see all of the wonderful photos we’ve received.