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Ellie O’Hanlon

“Growing sunflowers and tomato plants with my dad in the greenhouse. These photos were taken in my garden where I have enjoyed being out and growing things in the sunny weather.”

Elsie Mountain

“This is a photo of Elsie, aged 9, and her flowers and butterflies she made! She is from 23a brownies.”

Ged Murphy

“I am very proud of my back garden and what I have achieved.”

Gel Fraser

Georgina and Brian Hewitt

“Loving the garden!”

Gill Bates

“The arrangement was made during the remote learning sessions at Southdene Community Centre’s floristry class.”

Gill Donagh

“Flowers are easy to photograph when the light is right. Taken on Crosby Beach. The iris was on its own in the sand dunes.”

Graham Peel

“The fabulous planters were created by the amazing ‘Melling in Bloom’ group. They are on the bridge where Spencer’s Lane crosses the Leeds/Liverpool canal, close to the Horse and Jockey.”

Hazel and Joseph Simms

“We’ve been busy growing a range of flowers, strawberries and blueberries, and even planted seeds from a watermelon too!”

Haley Magee

“I love taking photos of flowers and the insects that love them. I spend a lot of time in beautiful gardens across the country.”

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