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Ian Spence

Ian Morris

Ina Greenwood


“Five-year-old Isabella had a great time planting seeds for her nature badge at Rainbows.”

Izzy Dry

Jane Houghton

“Nature makes you feel good and fills the senses!”

Janice Suddes

“Beautiful flowers in my garden. Year after year they are enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.”

Jessica Till

“Jessica’s photos of the plants she has grown during lockdown. She has had fun watering them and looking after them over the past months.”

Joan Denson

“My garden has really helped me during this lockdown. I will miss helping out at Knowsley Flower Show this year.”

John Birchall

“John planting different vegetables – cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and basil. John is a keen chef so he will use the vegetables in his cooking once they’ve grown!”

Joanne Barton

Josephine Butler

“Josephine is thrilled to see the progression of her planted veg seeds as they begin to sprout.”

Jo Butterworth

Jo Dry

Joan Sumner

Jon Dry

John McLoughlin

“If you tend and nurture a plant it will grow strong and healthy. If you neglect it, it will grow into a poor specimen. Nature tells it all if only we take notice.”

John Joseph

Joel Hearity

Joanne O’Brien

“We’ve added Miss Money Plant and Mr Bonsai Tree to the family”

Joanne Pybis

“My little boy Max aged three received a little package from his daddy’s work and we decided to give it a go. We got some sunflower seeds and instructions so we planted, and our outcome so far is this.”

Joseph Mullen

Jon Mackell

Jenny Jones

Julie Sumpter

“My daughter’s (E. Sumpter) entry to the flower show. She is 11 years old and part of 23rd A guides unit. She has used pointillism as an art technique in this. We hope the show goes well in a very different way this year. We have always enjoyed supporting the show over the years.”

Katy McLoughlin

“Let’s walk to Stadt Moers Park Zef, we need a bit of fresh air!”

Kathryn Clarke

“I love my mangle flowers”

Karen Mower

“Incredible Edible Knowsley loves growing outdoors”

Karen Prescot

Keith Silcock

Keith Hawkins

“These photos were taken in our garden on Easton Road and show our little boat planted up with African marigolds, verbena and lobelia, with Sailor Sam on the bow.”

Ken Groves

Lesley Mack

“Spotless ladybird on a foxglove taken in our garden in Swanside”

Linda Formby

“The dahlias are Kenora Sunset, Pam Howden and R Helen Pitt.”

Linda Power

“Pics of our garden in Prescot. We started the garden 36 years ago and have a collection of 18 acers and many shrubs and plants. We have a wildlife haven of nesting birds, fish, wild animals, and even fruit and veg growing.”

Linda Rowlands

“I thought of sending in photographs of roses to match with this year’s flower show’s theme. This has been very emotional for me. My husband who passed away this March helped me plant the roses last year. Frank, my late husband, made an arch for me to grow David Austin Climbing roses as he knew roses have always been a favourite of mine. It’s also a remembrance of my mum who loved roses too.

One day, Frank came home with a pink rose bush he bought at the local garden centre and said this was his rose! I found it highly amusing for a big man to have a pink rose! Every time I look at the roses and smell them, they make me think of Frank and the time we spent together on our allotment (which was a lot of the time!) and our love for each other.”

Louise Flynn

Lorraine Veal

Lucia Jordan

Lynda Malley

Lyndsey Sheehan

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