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Madison McGowan

“Two photos of my 8-year-old daughter helping in the garden.  I have all her wellies from when she was little and every year we fill them with flowers for our front garden.”

Mark Haymes

“I live in York now but I’m from Huyton and always make a trip to visit the Knowsley Flower Show, sorry it’s not happening this year but look forward to next year. I’ve always loved growing in my garden but even more so now.”

Margaret McLoughlin

“Grown from three bulbs when my beautiful mum died seven years ago, she was a redhead and unknowingly the flowers of the lily were orangey like her hair. We call her ‘mother’ and each year she grows more majestic. Unfortunately we will have to split her in two as she is getting too big for the plant pot.”

Martin Maris

Matthew Waring

“Matthew has started to grow Dahlias this year with an aim at showing at flower shows.  He’s growing them in his new flower beds, and also has gladioli, beetroot, squash and pumpkins. In the greenhouse he has tomato plants and is trying to grow aubergine plants from seed.”

Max Mousley

“These are my seedlings received from Knowsley Incredible Edibles in March. I helped plant, water and weed them over the months. There is a lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower and a tomato plant. I’ve loved watching them grow!”

Mel Sullivan

Melissa Cameron

“Melissa Cameron is 8-years-old and is a member of the 23rd A Liverpool Brownies unit. Melissa has been taking part in the show since she was four and is sad that she cannot do her seed garden as previous years this year. She is looking forward to seeing the pictures online!”

Michelle Pache

“It’s lovely opening my laptop to do some work surrounded by beautiful flowers.”

Michelle Innes

“Missing working on the Haslemere walled garden as part of the Childwall EMB (Estate Management Board) but have enjoyed working in my own garden over the lockdown.”

Molly May Smith

Natalie Cashman

“My walk through the pine woods during April lockdown.”

Natalie Pooley

Nat Haymes

Nicky Hughes

“Here are a few of my lockdown pics, two from the garden which I think makes me feel peaceful, it’s our little space.”

Noel Greenwood

Olly Harrison

“Sunflower maze in Tarbock”

Pam Broadfoot

“This was taken in the garden at Prescot’s Catholic Church vicarage. I was on my weekly essential shop when I saw the beautiful flowers, it lifted my spirits. Seeing colour was lovely.”

Paul Hill

“The first image of a white rose was taken in Eaton Park on a very rainy day in June and what a perfect time to get water droplets.

The second image was taken in my back garden using home-grown roses during lockdown. I decided to do something a little different and use two pages from one of my daughter’s books to give this brilliant looking effect

The third was taken from a front garden in Prescot also on a rainy day, I saw the vibrant colour and just had to get my camera.”

Peter Burns

Pete Roberts

Peter Walker

“Photos of cucumbers, courgette & spuds growing on our Allotment in Greenbank.”

Poppy Simkin

“I took this photo whilst on a walk with my dog Snowy and thought the sky and light looked amazing. Other images are in my garden, purple Rhododendron and my favourite Acer over the pond.”


“Poppy is six and belongs to 7th Bootle and Litherland Rainbows. She drew pictures of the seasons, and flowers that she saw on a walk. Poppy is very proud of the plant that she has grown and this was all for her nature badge.”

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