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Rachel Curren

Rob Duffy

“Beautiful flowers which I found growing wild in the local area.”

Rita Walker

“Enjoying growing on our allotment! There are sunflowers, brassicas and tomato plants.”

Rhonda Evans

“Loving my flower pots.”

Rosie Jones

Ruth Kennedy

Ruth Mylett

“These were all taken in my garden. This has been my oasis during the turmoil of Covid-19”

Sarah Craven

“I love blue flowers because they are different. If I could have forget me nots everywhere all year long I would!”

Sarah Vasey

Sean Curren

Sharon Tryer

Siobhan Bird

“Bluebell Wood lock time walk”

Skyla Parr

“This photo was taken by my 7-year-old daughter, Skyla. It was taken in the garden and makes me and her feel really proud. She’s been really scared of bees and wasps for a long time and I have been trying to help her by showing her how beautiful they are.  We have been taking pictures in the garden of  bees, bugs and flowers – it’s been really helping her.  This day she took a handful of shots but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this one!”

Stephen Hewitt

Steve Cummins

Sue Mackell

Sylvia Power

“This is the entry at the back of my house. The neighbours have created this beautiful display and the garden with the Buddha is my contribution.”

Tina Cameron

“I have just popped the bean seeds in the ground (I have clay soil) and look how big they have grown. I also had my first courgette of my climbing courgette plant.”

Tina Oxton

“It’s nice to look at my own hard work and what I have achieved in my garden. When I started I didn’t even know the difference between a flower or a weed!”

Tony Hill

“Growing well! Seedling photos from Tony’s greenhouse”

Tracey Coathupe

Tracey Ne Ruhe Stansfield

“Our veggies! We have lettuce, spinach, strawbs broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas, spring onions and leeks too”

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